2nd International Printmaking Symposium Bentlage Rheine Germany


Our Topics


International Print Triennial Society Krakow (selected winners) at Kloster Bentlage:

  • Davida Kidd
  • Ingrid Ledent
  • Toshihiro Hamano
  • Basil Colin Frank
  • Modhir Ahmed
  • Tadeusz Gustaw Wiktor
  • Marta Pogorzelec
  • Dorota Nowak

  • Society Krakow Ingrid Ledent
  • Society Krakow Ingrid Ledent
Exhibition "Stars of the International Print Triennial in Krakow 1991-2009"
at the Kloster Bentlage, Rheine
from 27.9.2012 to 4.11.2012
Kloster Bentlage Rheine
Bentlager Weg 130, 48432 Rheine
Tue-Sat 14-18 Hr,
Sun. and Pub.Hol 10-18 Hr

Printmaking from three art academies from Poland

UAP Poznan, University of Arts


  • Prof. Miroslaw Pawlowski
  • Prof. Andrzej Bobrowski
  • Dr.hab. Maciej Kurak
  • Prof. Piotr Szurek
  • Prof. Stefan Ficner
  • Professor Grzegorz Nowicki

  • Diana Fiedler
  • Lenartowicz Zuza
  • Marta Fonfara
Exhibition "Poznan Printmaking"
at Euregio Kunsthaus, Bocholt
from 30.9.2012 to 4.11.2012
Opening: Su 30.9.2012, 11Hr
Euregio Kunsthaus
Bocholt, Osterstraße 69
46397 Bocholt
Tu-Su 11-13, 15-18 Hr

Academy of Fine Arts Krakow

  • Bożek Kacper
  • Bożyk Marta
  • Daniec Tomasz
  • Kaczmarek Stefan
  • Miga Bogdan
  • Niwelińska Monika
  • Ożóg Henryk
  • Panasiewicz Piotr
  • Surzycki Marcin
  • Świętek Krzysztof
  • Tomalski Krzysztof
  • Vasina Dariusz
  • Wejman Stanislaw
  • Winiarski Tomasz

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Bozyk Grafiki Zlaczone 2010
  • Cosmogony Alternative IV
  • Cosmogony Alternative 2011
  • Into The Dark
  • Desire 2005
  • Wiadomosci Flaga
  • Syreny II
Exhibition "Staff and Students of Printmaking Faculty"
at Kulturspeicher Dörenthe/Ibbenbüren
from 29.9.2012 to 28.10.2012
Opening: Fri 28.9.2012, 18 Hr
Hafenstraße 14, 49479 Ibbenbüren
Sat + Sun 14-18 Hr

Academy of Fine Arts Katowice

  • Prof. Adam Romaniuk
  • Dr. hab. Dariusz Gajewski
  • Grzegorz Dr. Hańderek
  • Dr. Marcin Bialas
  • Prof. Jan Szmatloch
  • Prof. Mariusz Palka
  • Prof. J-zef Budka
  • Dr. Marcin Hajewski
  • Prof. Waldemar Węgrzyn

  • Marta Pogorzelec - Sarkofag IX 2008
  • Grzegorz Handerek - Exterior 1 - 2009
  • Grzegorz Handerek - Exterior 3 - 2009
  • Grzegorz Handerek - Exterior 4 - 2009
  • Grzegorz Handerek - Exterior 2 - 2009
Exhibiton "Printed Matters"
at the Stadtmuseum, Borken
from 16.9.2012 to 11.11.2012
Opening: Sun 16.9.2012, 11.30 Hr
Stadtmuseum Borken
Marktpassage 6, 46326 Borken
Tue-Sat 15-18 Hr, Sun- and
Pub.Hol. 10.30-17.30 Hr

Printmaking of international artists by Edition Sabine Knust, Munich,

  • Künstlerliste:

  • Georg Baselitz
  • Günther Förg
  • Neal Fox
  • Andy Hope 1930
  • Jörg Immendorff
  • Markus Lüpertz
  • Jonathan Meese
  • Paul Morrison
  • Daniel Richter
  • Katharina Sieverding
  • Thomas Scheibitz
  • Tal R
  • Thomas Zipp

  • Sabine Knust
  • Sabine Knust
  • Sabine Knust
Exhibition "Begegnung im Hinterland"
at Kolvenburg Billerbeck
from 9th September to 11th November 2012
Kolvenburg Billerbeck
An der Kolvenburg
48727 Billerbeck
Tue-Sat 13-18 Hr, sun- and
Pub.hol 10-13, 13.30-17.30 hr

"Extremly sharp, From Dürer to Kirkeby" Thematic graphics,

  • Kirkeby, Aus der holge Feldbuch - 1994
  • Kirkeby, Aus der Mappe 7
  • Kirkeby, Untitled - 1988
  • Dürer, Adam und Eva mit Apfel
Exhibition "Extremly sharp, From Dürer to Kirkeby"
at Falkenhof Museum, Rheine
from 1th September to 11th November 2012
Falkenhof Museum Rheine
Tiefe Straße 22, 48431 Rheine
Tue-Sat 14-18 Hr,
sun- and Pub.hol 10-18 Hr

"Statements" Symposium speakers and panelists

  • Orry Barbosa
  • Orry Barbosa
  • Orry Barbosa
  • Orry Barbosa
  • Orry Barbosa
  • statements
  • statements
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  • statements
Exhibition of selected examples of their printmaking
at Kloster Bentlage
from 27.9.2012 to 4.11.2012

Scholar of the Aldegrever Society for printmaking in Münster.

  • Aldegrever 1
  • Aldegrever 2
  • Aldegrever 3
  • Aldegrever 4
Exhibition at the Stadtsparkasse, Rheine
from 26th september to 2nd November 2012
Stadtsparkasse Rheine
Kardinal-Galen-Ring 33
48431 Rheine
Mon-Fri 8.30-16.30 hr

6th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2012,

Exhibition at Kloster Bentlage
from 27.9.2012 to 4.11.2012


"Out of the Studio"

Yasu Shibata

artist and master printer at Pace Editions, New York


artist and printmaker, Japan

Ulrich J. Wolff,

Artist and printmaker, Germany

-> visit his website

Kestutis Vasiliunas

artist and curator of the 6th International Artist´s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012, Lithuania

  • Katsutoshi-Yuasa
  • Katsutoshi-Yuasa
  • Katsutoshi-Yuasa
  • Ulrich J. Wolff
  • Ulrich J. Wolff
  • Ulrich J. Wolff
  • Kestutis Vasiliunas
  • Kestutis Vasiliunas

Demonstration workshops

Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcutting,

by master printer Yasu Shibata, Pace Editions, New York

Waterbased ceramics transfer printing

from ArtEZ, Aki Enschede, Netherlands

The "Heliogravüre" (photogravure) through the ages. How to do this fine printmaking with todays materials.

by Erhard Schmidt, Münster

The laser cutter and its universal application in the field of printmaking

from ArtEZ, Aki Enschede, Netherlands

more to follow…

Panel Discussions

„Beyond the Frame“

University of Alberta, Canada
Introduction, presentation and panel discussion
Speakers: Prof. Liz Ingram, Prof. Daniela Schlüter, Marc Siegner , Steve Dixon
Moderator: Prof. Walter Jule

Beyond the Frame

"Printmaking has traditionally been a medium that absorbs new technologies, and distributes image-based content to a broad audience.

  • Liz Ingram
  • Liz Ingram
  • Liz Ingram

In the current world of image proliferation and new technologies, in terms of image potential and distribution possibilities, printmaking holds a unique and advantageous position of bridging history with the future. The renewed interest in the intimacy and tactile qualities of limited edition artist book-works and the hand-made limited edition paper print is occurring alongside the explosion of exciting image explorations in digital media, print-installation and large public commissions being explored and produced by an increasing number of artists with a highly developed printmaking background.

With increased scale potentials and new durable material substrates available for printing, more artists with printmaking backgrounds are engaging in the production of large-scale environmental installation works and public commissions, often alongside their more traditional printmaking practices.

Print artists are extremely well positioned and have unique opportunities to engage in these expanded projects. Practical expertise and knowledge of the fundamentals oftraditional printmaking provide artists with invaluable experiences of step-by-step technical and conceptual practices and working methodologies that can naturally transfer to new technologies, new manufacturing methods, and current social situations.

This panel will explore projects by print artists from western Canada who are working with a variety of new approaches."


Carinna Parraman, Lecture

The Craft of Print in a Digital Economy

Over the last 10 years digital hardware and artists’ methods for creating art has significantly changed, evolving and transforming from a top down approach - whereby artists have struggled with an over burdensome technology - to a bottom up approach - whereby artists have the freedom to hack, adapt, modify, subvert ideas. In this digital economy, craft skills, quality, material, colour fidelity and the hand made are still important criteria for assessing the quality of an artwork. Through recent research into novel materials, there is a growing interest in the surface tactility of digital prints and a greater materials engagement with paper and pigment, resulting in in the application of digitally printed decorative finishes to flat surfaces that mimic traditional marks (brush strokes, embossing). However, as screen-based technologies are increasingly a ubiquitous artists’ tool (graphics tablets, iPads), what are the still overlooked issues that require attention that bridges the gap between the hand crafted print and the digital?

-> visit Carinna Parraman's page and CV

Paul Laidler, Lecture

Just Press Print

Paul Laidler will talk about a recent exhibition that he curated entitled "just press print" this title was chosen to highlight that although digital printing has a 'print' button, the significant elements of the creation of the digital print are often overlooked: the relationship and conversation between artist and publisher/ master printer, the iterations that are necessary to achieve the final print, the need for archiving and recording the process. The talk will also touch upon the evolving nature of digital technology and its potential influence upon established definitions and practices within the field of printmaking.

-> visit Paul Laidler's page and CV

Sarah Barnes, Lecture

Printed laser cut materials in a wider context – the urban environment

Sarah Barnes will discuss her own practice and how she is exploring the use of printmaking and laser cutting as tools for social engagement, presenting a case study of how these elements could potentially be used to reinvigorate overlooked urban spaces. She will talk about her experience of working with a wide range of artists who use laser cutting as a key element within the creative process, her engagement with many types of materials that are suitable for internal and external spaces and the relationship between laser cutting and print.

-> visit Sarah Barnes's page and CV

Matthias Kunz,

"Printed: Art in Mediation"
-> visit Sabine Knust Gallery

A fine art print is in the center of a manifold web of referential focus points. First and foremost is the artist, who invents the image and employs the technique. The technique brings in the printer and the material: a plate, a block or a screen. Imagination, inspiration and craft lead the instrument and fixate line and color field on the matrix. The distance between the different stages of the process, from the idea, the search for technique, the proofing, printing, editing and signing, to the actual print, its exhibition, its distribution and its collection – these interstices will be among the topics of the talk. It may in this realm of mediation where the print achieves its final power.

Susan Tallman, editor in chief "Art in Print " online magazine, Chicago.

“Wallflower at the Art World Ball – Prints and Popularity”
-> visit Art in Print

In the glitzy, global contemporary art world, prints occupy a peculiar niche – less visible, less prestigious, less remunerative than painting, sculpture or even photography.  The quest is why, and whether it is necessarily a bad thing.  Delving back to the 15th century and forward to the 21st, this talk will look at how print artists have positioned their work aesthetically and socially, how print audiences have understood and valued it, and whether or not the wallflower seat is the most powerful in the room.

Diana Ewer, director of TAG Fine Arts London, contemporary art dealers and publisher

„Printmaking today, a commercial perspective“
-> visit TAG website
-> visit Diana Ewer curatorial website/blog

Diana Ewer is an art advisor, curator and publisher with 12 years experience working in the commercial art world focused on 20th century and contemporary printmaking. After graduating from Manchester University, she went on to a Masters at the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2004. In 2006, Diana set up the contemporary dealer and publisher, TAG Fine Arts with co-founder Hobby Limon. Since then, she has represented a number of emerging artists, working on successful publishing projects such as Stephen Walter’s “London Map” series. Recent critically acclaimed curatorial work includes the 2011 “Art of Mapping” show in London and the 2012 cut paper exhibition “A Cut Above: 12 Paper Masters” at the Christopher Henry Gallery in New York. Diana curates the forthcoming solo exhibition of Katsutoshi Yuasa at the ISE Cultural Foundation that opens on November 2, in New York City.

Daniel F.Hermann, Eisler Curator & Head of Curatorial Studies at the Whitechapel Gallery, London.

"Public Prints."

Prints, multiples and editions are becoming an integral part of the economy of public galleries. At the same time, printmaking as a medium is receiving less attention than before. Daniel F. Herrmann, Curator & Head of Curatorial Studies at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, puts this development in the context of cultural funding, artist relations and ‘accessibility’.

Daniel F. Herrmann, is Eisler Curator & Head of Curatorial Studies at the Whitechapel Gallery, London. Having studied art history at the University of Hamburg, he has worked at the Griffelkunst-Vereinigung, Hamburg, and was Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Publications include texts on William M. Ivins, the prints of Dieter Roth and the graphic work of Eduardo Paolozzi. His recent exhibition Gillian Wearing is currently on display at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, K20, Duesseldorf.

Dr. Marta Anna Raczek-Karcz (Curator)

of the International Printmaking Triennial Krakow.

Academy of Fine Arts Krakow:

Prof. Krzysztof Tomalski

"Alintaglio technique in the context of traditional and contemporary printmaking" + Workshop demonstration

Prof. Stanislaw Wejman

"The Knight, The Bicycle Rider, The Melancholy" lecture and slideshow on graphic workshop.

Prof. Marcin Surzycki

"Unconventional Matrix" presentation of my own technique for creating the matrix.

Prof. Dariusz Vasina

"The Barbarian in the garden"

  • Dariusz Vasina
  • Dariusz Vasina
  • Dariusz Vasina
  • Dariusz Vasina

Mgr. Monika Niwelinska, lecturer,

"Latent Image" lecture/presentation of my artistic research and conceptual approach to printmaking.

other topics in labor...

Workshops for artists and students

2 Workshops offered by international artists, master printers, by appointment.

There will be two workshops, from 1–3 and 4–6 October. Both worshops will be led by instructors from the ArtEZ, Aki Enschede, Netherlands

Cutting woodblocks and preparing stencils and plates by laser cuting

from 1 - 3 October

Some years ago the Lasercutter made his entrance in the world of art. In the world of graphic design its use is allready widespread and in the art of printmaking it slowly but steady gains popularity.

With the Lasercutter it is possible to engrave and cut into paper, cardboard,wood, plexiglass and many other materials.
Cutting into paper and cardboard gives the possibility to make complex templates from a drawing. Engraving and cutting with the lasercutter in wood gives a new dimension to woodcarving. Very fine lines and structures can be digitally transfered from a drawing, painting or photograph and be engraved in wood. 

In the workshop we will experiment with cutting in cardboard and engraving in birchwoodmultiplex with the Lasercutter.

1-3 days demonstration of how a lasercutter can be used for linocut and woodcut by doing a workshop for around 8-10 people. It will starts with a line drawing and "cut", "engrave" this in to the wood and lino surfaces in order to print it.
This workshop will be given by Marion Bouwhuis (printing) and Willem Boom(graphic designer). Both are working on the ArtEZ, AKI, Academy of Art & Design Enschede, Netherlands. The Lasercutting firm is Trotec, based in Haaksbergen

Screenprint on Waterbased Ceramics Glaze Transfer Printing,

from 4 to 7 October

1-3 days workshop for silkscreen printing on ceramics and transferpaper (waterbased) for around 10-12 people Working title will be "horizon", the results will be shown during the symposium.
The workshop will be given by Erik Kok (ceramics) and Rudi Bastiaans(printing). Both artists are teaching at the ArtEs, AKI Enschede, Netherlands.

Product presentations

Companies in the graphic arts industry show selected products for use in artistic printmaking. For example:


What can a business do over the years, or in our case, over more than a century, to keep our customers interested?  By constantly adapting!  Products develop and change, as do the people who sell them – but all according to changes within the relevant field.
 We are the observers, who track down and react to any developments.  We have recently discovered an interesting phenomenon.  Because of technological changes, we now find ourselves coming up against substitutes for paper in more areas.
That doesn’t mean that paper can be completely replaced, but that it is finding a new function.  Paper is now experiencing an expansion of its usual meaning.  Take a trip back in time and recall what paper once meant.  Don’t think of it as just a tool for conveying information, but remind yourself today of the beauty and aesthetics of paper, its cultural history.


And our customers use paper even more as a means of communication which brings their culture and refinement to the fore.  In future we hope to find new customers, as well as those who already know us well, relying on our expert advice.  And we look forward to facing up to these new challenges.  We are always looking to adapt and change with the times.
Our history shows that we always follow the best traditions:  looking to the future and moving forward.
“Our passion is dealing with finest paper. Finest paper ist our passion”

Trotec Laser Company Information 

• International laser manufacturer 

Trotec is one of the world's most important manufacturers of laser machines for engraving, cutting and marking. With our 200 employees working in 13 international sales branches, we offer our customers an international services and sales network.
In addition to our state-of-the art CO2 and fiber laser machines, we offer our customers comprehensive services, such as technical advice, material tests and technical support by top qualified service technicians.

• Innovation leader 

Trotec is the recognized technological leader in the international market for laser cutting machines and laser engravers. We understand this as the duty to continue developing and improving our laser machines for our customers. The prime example in this regard is the Speedy 300 flexx, the world's first laser system that combines CO2 and fiber laser technology in one machine.